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Before I get into my new release announcements, I’d like to relate my latest side excursion into the sound effects and sound design from some of the most popular and best online casino us sites. They’re all listed in this online casino directory. A friend who frequently enjoys the pleasure of online slots games grabbed me the other day and sat me down in front of his computer screen while he played some crazy sounding online slots games. How about the name Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, (sounds like a cryptic Chinese fortune cookie saying) or Penguin Power ( maybe a kid’s game?,) or 7’s and Stripes (another cryptic name for a military movie, perhaps?) Anyway, my friend wanted me to listen to the quality of the slot games’ sound designs which sound really cool and adds an entirely new dimension to the game. I was thinking that I won’t be surprised if I incorporate some of the sound design concepts into my next piece of music. Then I received an email request for a sample reel – and the requester was the marketing director for one of the Playtec sites and I was being asked to create musical sounds for a new downloadable game – featuring online slots USA players will love. Very juicy graphics, and if they stay with me to the end, very cool musical effects and sound design. Never even thought that games, and especially online slots would end up becoming a music credit for me. The tracks are now on my composing reel. lol.

2 new releases announced:

label: deserted factory (japan)
a journey made of sounds and noises recorded over the world
normal edition 120 numbered copies
special edition 30 copies with DVD-video
folded A-5 cover format


gattoalieno and misty circles present:
rest in pieces

a dvd by the SILENT PISTOLS
a filmed heritage – a soundtrack made of the sounds of destruction
each copy comes with an original piece of the bar-wall the pistols smashed!
please email us for more infos!


other recent releases:
Danza de la Vida 

CD album in a limited edition of 500 copies. 

The follow-up to our “Danza de la Muerte” compilation focuses on the more song orientated Syntactic releases. Also, you will find tracks that were planned as Syntactic or Klanggalerie 7″s, but never made it onto vinyl. The track list reads as follows:
Andrew Liles – In this vegetable Glass of Nature
Le Zappalot (Rehberg/Bauer/Birnbach) – Erika goes to Leopoldau
O Yuki Conjugate – Madal (Circular 1)
Graf & Zyx – Hey you
Der bekannte post-industrielle Trompeter – Walterwaltz
Steven Wilson – The unquiet Grave
Jerzy Marczak – Dog field
Bain Wolfkind – Underneath the Night
Werner Möbius – Rosa (Remix)
Roedelius – La vie en bleu
Dither Craf (Mushroom´s Patience) – Saponette Friabili
DD Kern (Fuckhead) – Whitecaps
Broken Penis Orchestra – The rape of the Garden Maiden
Blaine L. Reininger – Burnsday

mr. Mallory, the unfortunate super-hero, is back!

in fact, since the label which originally released DBPIT’s concept-album
the canadian Sweet Farewell, has closed down
without even properly distributing the item,
there is going to be a second edition on GattoAlieno recs,
111 handnumbered copies!
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DBPIT got married last october, 30th!
to celebrate the marriage of Flavio and Paola,
DBPIT and a few friends have composed
some special songs…
please download them freely
by clicking on the image below:

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