Editor’s note: Art need not conform to the norms and sometimes some small amount of explanation is useful in understanding the experience. The corporate notion is in the name (Post-Industrielle) the sounds, and the setting, which originates from a plastic executive spouting corporate gift ideas while palm trees and the surf fill in the scene. Flavio satirizes promotional efforts, sales pitches, marketing plans with music, some lyrics, moving graphic slides and projections, and many extras. “Executives and salespeople receive corporate rewards and live happily ever after.” 

What he does take seriously is his daughter’s fantasies as she swirls around in her little girls princess dresses. Children are so unselfconscious in their make believe worlds. His daughter’s favorite princess dress is made from an attached two-tone magenta tulle over organza skirt with glitter dot mesh pink trim. She likes to wears glittery tiaras, white gloves, and satin slippers with little bow ties. I’ve been told that when her wand flutters in her tiny hand, she imagines creating rainbows and magical animals. The music Flavio creates for his little princess is far different from his typical experimental trumpet arrangements.

I recently saw a rather special video that was made of one of her performances. Flavio, of course, supplied the music. With help from several older cousins, aunts, and her mother, an outdoor garden had been transformed into a princess fantasy land. Stuffed animals were placed strategically about, the family dog and two white cats also had roles, along with a large colorful parrot that could whistle a great tune as well as mimic some of Flavio’s trumpet sounds. Extremely large paper butterflies appeared though out the production attached to long thin metal rods. A goat appeared with a unicorn horn attached to its head. I think the plot involved an evil sorcerer who had stolen a magic rabbit ( had I mentioned the stuffed rabbit) which the faery princess had to rescue. With the aid of the goat-unicorn and lots a large butterflies, the princess was successful. The show ended as everyone sat down to have tea and cookies. I was blown away. There are many different sides to the artist, Flavio. This certainly showed the sweet devoted father.

what is DBPIT?

Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter is an experimental/industrial project created by Flavio Rivabella. The trumpet is its main feature with a lot of field-recording and electronics. There is hardly ever computer-generated or synthetised sounds…each new DBPIT’s work is the result of some twisted-minded, deeply conceptual experiment…


After several years of participation side by side with the most relevant members 
of Roman underground scene, Flavio Rivabella (aka DBPIT) 
set off for an entirely new adventure in the year 2K. In May 2002 Misty Circles produced the first solo attempt by DBPIT: “eleven” after which several solo albums and participations followed;
apart from his “solo” project, DBPIT has collaborated with many important bands, like Novy Svet, Spectre, Circus Joy, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Lendormin and others…

Please see discography for more details

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