Interviews (b)

(55). Any plans to tour America or get distribution over here for your works?
plans no, hope, yes! I love America and would very pleased with distribution over there; so, American labels, take your chance with DBPIT: my music is here for the taking!

(56). OK, couple of funny ones before we go, since I ve broken your back with all these questions ;-)…………. Why should marriage be outlawed, according to you?
marriage is but a contract…taken out on the grounds of…feelings!!!
when you take out any contract with a business partner or whatever, if u’re not dumb, u read the fine print and think twice before signing…when you walk down the aisle to get tied to a person whose smile had mesmerized you, you don’t have the least idea of what can befall you and how long that smile will be that charming…yet you sign that darn paper…and you’re done in!
marriage could work in times of old, when it basically was a practical pact: me hunt and bring home the bacon and go chasing women all around for the pleasure of it, you raise kidz and keep the house… no feelings involved!

(57). Chicago deep-dish pizza or real Italian pizza, which is better? And would you take the pizza over marriage?
pizza is one of the major breakthrough of mankind!
no need to argue which is best, but it’s definitely better than marriage:when u crave one u have delivered to your front door, eat as much as you want of it, pay a reasonable sum for it and don’t even have to say “thank you” !!!

(58). Ok, you are in a sax versus trumpet war with Kenny G to the death. How would you vanquish such a bastian of suck?
I’d put a sock in his instrument!

(59). What are some of your plans for the future?
as for live shows, I’m going to play in a big festival in Italy next september; as for production, I’m expecting two vinyls to be issued by an Austrian and a German label, but I won’t spill the beans now…then me and the Lendormin are going to record a cd together..I’ve a concept in mind, a story, I’m already writing the lyrics…that’ll involve several partecipations, a huge work!

(60). Anything else before we go?
stay tuned for more “Mental Chaos” !!!!
(61). Thanks for your time, patience, music and the interview! I think the word is “grazie”, isn’t it? If that means something bad I didn’t say it! Haha.
again, thank you for your interest!

interview released in german on Equinoxe n°25, november 2004

The name of your project is unique. Nobody is ever going to forget (or remember it). I think I’ve read somewhere that somebody gave you that name. Is that true and what can you tell us about the origin of the name?
let me start by thanking you and your magazine for the interest in DBPIT’s detuned world!
actually I derived my name from an interview Mushroom’s Patience gave to Black Magazine some three years ago…I translated it from Italian into English and the editor into German…when I read it I found it sounded awsome! and kind of …ironic, starting out a new project already called “der Bekannte…”!

Flavio, you contribute to many different projects. Can you tell our readers something about them and also tell them what your role in these projects is?
in fact, my adventure in the industrial music world started as a collaboration with Mushroom’s Patience; I learned a lot by working for Raffaele, he’s a genious…he gave me a free hand as for the trumpet role in his songs as well as suggesting I should also do my own things…which I did! a number of other collaboration soon followed: the electro-improvisers Lendormin, the beloved Novy Svet, the power-noise project of Adriano Vincenti’s, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, the French 47-Ashes, the neo-folk Calle della Morte and lately the nice industrial duo 900Staube and Thulesehnsucht…I guess it’s interesting to notice these projects are totally different from each other, sometimes they even belong to different scenes, yet I think I manage to join them all with the same great pleasure…