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What is for you the main difference between working with / for others and doing your very own work?
Well, being your own boss it’s obviously better… I decide what to do and how to do it; I want the track I’m doing to convey my own feelings and ideas… whereas when you do something for another musician, you should consider what he wants… that can be challenging, and rewarding, too! There are so many examples of people who are working for themselves these days, whether it be for profit or for just bettering the community. And to see examples of this kind of thing you don’t even have to step outside your front door. Someone who gives advice, and tips for all sorts of things, from gardening to dealing with unruly neighbors all online, from her website. Other examples of this are crafting blogs that will give you step by step instructions to make all kinds of wonderful things, or etsy, where you can find people self employed, selling their own wares. The internet is a truly amazing place to be your own boss.

How do you get your ideas? Do you wait until you are inspired or do you work within a certain time frame where there has to be a result at the end?
you can’t do nothing without inspiration… at times there are deadlines, which is good so you don’t fuck around, but I need an idea to work on… luckily, this wretched world doesn’t spare hints!
You belonng to this so-called axis Vienna-Rome. In interviews all of you (Ain Soph, Mushroom`s Patience, Novy Svet etc.) emphasize that you have a lot of common musical interest and that you are also friends. How do those aspects influence you musically? What is characteristic of your friendship and what do you yourself get out of it?
I guess the so-called axis has changed a lot during the past few months, but I won’t be looking deeper into this matter… what is left for me is a great experience, good friends and the urge of trying and be as “international” as possible… I wish underground culture people would be more united and willing to cooperate with each other, making a common front against ignorance and cheap TV – related culture that only wants to create brain dead dummies… I really believe “we” have something to show the world, something that has nothing to do with talent and money…

Your main instrument (as the name of your project already indicates) is the trumpet. Something that is not necessarily typical of the subculture that you work in. What is so fascinating about that instrument?
… that, as you said, it is not necessarily typical of the subculture I work in…!

When you started playing the trumpet, was it that you started rather conventionally and later became interested in more avant-garde types of music?
yes, kind of… I mean, I took lessons from a very good jazz player and started out playing in a very funny r’n’r band, which I still love, but I soon discovered that that was not my way… I had no space, no chance to “create”, and maybe not enough talent, but I think ideas mean more than talent…

Are you interested in (free)jazz?
… most of the times I find it very boring… needless to say, I like musicians like john zorne or james cahnce, but can that be called jazz?!?

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