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We have read that you have treated / prepared your trumpet in a special way. Is this true and if yes can you tell us something more about it?
not really; I mean, I never play the trumpet “dry”, I always connect the mic to an effect machine or two…and recently, I tried playing other self – made “instruments” like a cheese grinder, a hand – washing machine, a car brake disc and parts of a broken trumpet… that’s fun! and I make a point in never using samples from someone else’s works, nor computer – generated sounds; I only process and work on sounds I make or record…

In recent time one gets the impression that Italian projects (e. g. Mushroom`s Patience, Spiritual Front etc.) attract the attention of a growing number of listeners. Would you say that there are quite a lot of people and how do you explain that development?
well, Italian projects have been riding the waves for years, Ain Soph to name but one, and finally they gained a deserved better recognition, drew a larger audience…even though it seems to me they are generally better considered abroad; maybe Italy is not yet ready for something you can’t dance with…!

What can you tell us about the new releases (“The outstanding story…” etc.)?
two new albums have been released in 2004; “TrompoZmo”, on Butcher’s House / Gattoalieno recs. is a compilation of DBPIT’s early tracks and a couple of songs previously included in the vinyl “Noi e il Mondo”; on the other hand, “The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory” is a concept album; I spent a lot of time on it and I love it very much; it tells the story of a left-handed, average man who, like in the comic books of the 70’s, gets “superpowers” out of a nuclear blast; only, these powers don’t help him a bit and make him suffer solitude and lack of love even more… could say I was inspired by my own situation, like to say I felt like an alien, unfit for this world… as for the music, I had a number of friends to participate, above all the Lendormin, Marco Deplano and KimsonJa; in the album, I play a leit-motif that kind of links all the songs in a single stream of consciousness… I think we did a very good job!

How strongly do the books you read influence your music?
well, guess everything one reads, hears or sees becomes part of him, somehow; but I never wrote a song on a particular book, even though a couple of them were actually inspired by some mysterious archeology books I read some time ago…and some by comic books, either, as well as monster movies! anyway, I wish I had time to read more…
You earn your money by working as a dentist. We’ve heard that you don’t like your job that much. Would you like to comment on it?
yep, wish DBPIT would sell 1.000.000 copies and I could quit tooth-drilling!

Are music and your work two diametrically opposed spheres or do they sometimes overlap (e. g. do you sometimes soothe/torture (depends on the eye of the beholder) your patients with your music?
well, actually I tried playing my cds while working, a couple of times… I had the most queer comments, like “are they killing someone in the other room?” or “nice music, doc, is it arabian?”… so I gave it up! but I did record some of my torture-instruments, especially for my first album, “Eleven”! so part of my everyday life do overlap with my music side!

In an interview you once said that your attitude towards life is one of disillusionment. What disillusions you?
almost anything… most of all I despise ignorance, which has nothing to do with the amount of “data” you can store in your brain, it is more… intellectual; it’s wasting one’s life I mean, ignorance that leads to violence and slavery and to everybody doing and liking the same things; I see so many wasted youths around, and that makes me really sad…I think, like I wrote in the “Noi e il Mondo” sleeve notes, that the world is verging on it’s end…even though wars, violence and economic interests are no new feature, it seems to me that never before have they been so meaningless and dangerous…

When are you going to play in Germany and will we see you storming a pub in Sachsenhausen to drink some cider?
hey, I’d love that! I love Germany… hope I will play there some day, but can’t tell you more for the time being… but, apfelwein or beer for me, bitte!

What can we expect from the future? Is there any collaboration in the pipeline? 
the one with Lendormin is there to stay; so is the one with M.M.M., I guess, and with Thulesehnsucht we just started… I’m expecting to do a split with Marco Deplano and Totenlieder… I’d love to collaborate with more foreign artists, too!
and my dream is to drag my girlfriend into this; she’s a damn good opera singer and we already thought of something… but that would be telling!

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