I need a break. I feel like the Freak Nerve Cell from Outer Space. It’s time to get away and wallow in some relaxation and perhaps indulge in a bit of sports. I have loaded up on bottled water which I order from an online site located here in Las Vegas. Yup, that’s Las Vegas spring water no less. The company Tahoe Springs says their natural spring water is secured from a natural spring secluded deep in the High Sierra Mountains. Sounds good to me. We also have their bottled water at work from one of their Advanced 5 Stage R/O filtration systems. You won’t believe what happens to the water before you finally start to drink it. Their Tahoe Springs filtration system includes a 1 micron sediment pre-filter, granular activated carbon pre-treatment filter, activated carbon block, revers osmosis membrane, and an activated in line carbon post filtration filter (got all that!) to insure a limitless supply of clear, great tasting drinking water. And it is great tasting. If you order their bottled water like I do, they happen to offer both natural spring water and fresh drinking water. Actually, I get their bottled natural spring water. Anyway, I’m first going to hit the slopes on Mammoth Mountain for a couple of weeks to limber up my snowboarding and then fly to Europe with some friends.

I’ve googled “best snowboarding in Europe” and have decided on an adventure to Davos, home to one of Switzerland’s largest ski areas. Hey, I can get lost in Davos which not only has 6 different established areas for alpine skiers on its five dif­fer­ent moun­tains, but also offers exten­sive cross-country trails, and plenty of ter­rain to please the snow­board­ing crowd…that’s me! If you don’t know where Davos lies, it’s in the heart of the Swiss Alps between the Plessur and Albula Ranges. Now before I go into ecstatic descriptions of the snow, the town, the food, the music of Davos, I’ve got to dig out of the closet my favorite fleece jacket, my Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard (OMG this board really presses, pops, and carves its way into a class all its own), boots, and bindings. Opps, I just remembered DO I have to buy new bindings? Ah, no. A helpful elf got me new awesome Rome 390 Boss snowboard bindings. Did you know that the 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings are even Rick Ross’ go to snowboard binding? Well, he’s the Boss. My helpful elf just informed me that they get awesome edge to edge power with the V-Rod baseplate and canting customization for even more precise response. I can adjust the forward lean to perfectly match my stance. I will be the boss of Davos’ half-pipes in no time. Now, where are my helmet, gloves and googles?

Three hours later: I’m all packed with my snowboard in its bag and everything thing else in my back pack. The helmet I’ll just wear for the moment. I’m recording my actions as I prepare for this adventure with a GoPro Hero3 Silver camera that I have mounted on my helmet. It has built-in Wi-Fi and captures professional quality video at 1080p-30, 720p-60, 960p-48 and WVGA-120 resolutions and frame rates. What’s so cool about the audio of this little light weight baby is that GoPro engineers completely redesigned the HERO3. It is adept at capturing the subtle, natural sounds of voice and music as well as at capturing the immersive sounds of sport. So they say on the PR about the camera. I’m planning on using this camera to help create an immersive virtual reality art project when I get back.

Now, getting back to what Davos offers….lots of snow, tons of deep powder, loads of trees, big natural hits, half-pipes, and fun parks. There is also a boardercross circuit, if you’re into that and night riding which is so coool. All this on 200 miles (320km) of fantastic snowboard terrain with slopes that hold the snow. I will be in nirvana. Ciao for now.

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