I found inspiration is an unexpected place while taking a stroll late at night. I came upon a jewelry store and paused to look at the sparkly, multi-faceted gems blinking brilliantly blinking with many different colors refracted in their crystalline structures. Were the gemstones diamonds? The prices listed demanded a definite no. But they looked like diamonds. Several days later I returned to the store and inquired about the gem. It turns out the store sold cz jewelry. The “CZ” stands for cubic zirconia, a synthetic gemstone that very closely resembles diamonds. It sure fooled me. Imagine a gemstone that is crystalline, flawless, and clear enough to rate a “D” on the diamond scale for color. To my untrained eye, I didn’t think I could differentiate between this cubic zirconia stone and a real diamond. But the proprietor of the store showed me how.

First of all a ubic zirconia gem stone weighs about 65% more than diamond of equivalent size.

Second, cubic zirconia has a higher dispersion rate than diamond, when light shines on it. Its brilliantly sparkles with many different colors refracted in its crystalline structure actually “outshines” a diamond. That is the give away, stand the jewelry salesman. Although the cubic zirconia that is found in cz jewelry is synthetic, it was inspired by its natural counterpart, zirconium oxide (ZrO2).

Although zirconium oxide was first discovered in 1892, but was too rare to be commercially profitable for gemstones in jewelry. However, scientists in both Germany and the Soviet Union while working independently of one another, using zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide discovered that by melting them together at temperatures reaching 4,982ºF (2,750ºC) they could grow cubic zirconia crystals in the laboratory. Refinements to the process have rendered the gem even more diamond-like. In some instances it is so close in appearance to high-quality diamond that that a jeweler’s loupe is necessary to tell it apart from its upscale replacement.

I decided to create a project that would relate to the idea of a synthetic gemstone that is so cleverly created that it would fool the majority of people when a comparison is made with a diamond of similar carat.

trumpet for a project
that cannot be mentioned here, sorry

trumpet for o’paradis/novy svet
entre siempre y jamas…
nekofutschata 2003

trumpet for macelleria mobile di mezzanotte
black rubber exotica
cd OEC 2004

trumpet for 47 ashes
my bivouacs in my bunker
cd cynfeirrd 2004

trumpet for calle della morte
tr.gli uomini e le rovine
7″ HR-SPQR 2004

trumpet for novy svet
là bas(s) communion
cd nekofutschata 2004

trumpet for novy svet
cd nekofutschata 2005

(with DBPIT, LarsenLombriki, Luca Miti)
night, dawn, day
music for george romero
cd-r in dvd case with
b/w booklet
info: lendormin

trumpet for novy svet
A Mort
cd special issue 2006

Progetto di Editing Musicale
by joseph p.
(dic. 2006)
view more

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